Jun 24

How Green Coffee Capsules Burn Fat

Green coffee bean extract capsules are a popular new weight loss tool. Green coffee bean extract, as a natural supplement, has many benefits while still remaining safe and causing few side effects. Most people who take it feel no side effects at all, making it a more desirable alternative to other weight loss pills that can have uncomfortable and even dangerous effects.

Coffee beans naturally contain caffeine, a stimulant that gives brewed coffee its energizing properties. Like other stimulants, caffeine can assist in weight loss. However, this is not the primary benefit of taking green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee beans only contain about 20 milligrams of caffeine, compared with 100 milligrams found in a normal-sized cup of coffee. The lower caffeine content actually makes green coffee bean extract a healthier alternative to drinking brewed coffee or taking other supplements that contain caffeine for weight loss, since too much caffeine can have a negative effect on heart health. People who take green coffee bean extract also do not feel the nervousness, jumpiness and shakiness that often occur because of caffeine intake.

Green coffee bean extract’s benefits are found in chlorogenic acid, a compound present in the bean that is lost in the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid keeps the body from releasing glucose into the bloodstream. Glucose is a simple carbohydrate that is used as a quick source of energy. The release of glucose causes an insulin spike in the body. When insulin levels spike, the body begins to store any free glucose in the bloodstream into fat, causing gains in fat that are often hard to undo. By preventing glucose from being released into the bloodstream, green coffee bean extract prevents fat storage. It also forces the body to turn to another energy source since no glucose is available, making it more likely to burn fat that is already stored. Chlorogenic acid works both at the source of the problem of excess weight and works to burn existing fat.

The benefits of green coffee bean extract are not present in brewed coffee. The roasting process removes the chlorogenic acid from the bean, completely stripping it of the weight loss benefits. Although caffeine’s properties as a stimulant elevate the metabolism, it does not prevent glucose from being released into the body. This means that, unlike green coffee bean extract, brewed coffee does not work at the source by preventing fat storage from occurring in the first place. In addition, any weight loss effects of brewed coffee’s caffeine content are negligible.

Green coffee bean extract is an exciting new way to encourage weight loss while presenting few negative effects. It helps people with a variety of weight loss needs to burn fat, whether they have a significant amount of weight to lose or just a few pounds.

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May 27

Beat the Battle of the Bulge with Green Coffee Bean Supplements

For those who are trying to lose those stubborn extra pounds, green coffee beans may be just what one needs to finally beat that proverbial battle of the bulge. New studies are showing incredibly positive results for weight loss supplements that utilize the powerful effects of the green coffee bean. In studies, those who use green coffee bean supplements for just a short period of time show significant weight loss and a reduction in overall body fat.

So, how does this green coffee bean supplement work to aid in such powerful weight loss?

The Basics of Green Coffee Bean Supplements
Green coffee bean supplements contain caffeine, which is shown to increase energy levels and improve weight loss. Studies on the regular use of green coffee bean supplements show that users can lose as much as 10% of their body weight in as little as 22 weeks without changing diet and simply adding the use of a green coffee bean supplement to their diet.

The pills are consumed about a half hour before meals and in fairly low doses. Chemicals in the supplement decrease the likelihood of insulin spikes in the blood, which are often associated with weight gain. It is also thought that the chemicals released help to reduce level of fat absorption in the stomach, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of weight gain and can also promote the burning of excess fat.

Glucose is one of the most well known “bad guys” when it comes to fighting that battle of the bulge. Rapid or prolonged increases in the level of glucose in the bloodstream is responsible for a variety of negative issues such as lethargy, weight gain and it is even associated with the development of Type-2 diabetes. The consumption of green coffee bean supplements has been shown to help reduce that amount of glucose that is absorbed or produced in the body.

Often, especially for those of us who lead sedentary lifestyles, the glucose produced by the body after we eat is not burned and is, thus, converted into fat. Reducing the amount of glucose in the body helps to reduce the production of the precursors to fat in our bodies, while increased metabolic function helps to burn the excess fat already present in the body.

Science is backing the talk that green coffee bean supplements are a powerful, safe and effective weight loss tool. By increasing energy levels and metabolic functioning, fat is burned and weight is lost. Through the decreased absorption of fat and glucose, additional fat production is avoided. This supplement has provided real results for many looking to lose a bit of weight and it does not involve dramatic changes in diet or lifestyle either.

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